Thailand Bronze Foundry: Artistic Bronze is a warm material that enriches the soul ot art loving people.
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"MonzArt Bronze Benny Line" was born in Monza - Italy 22 years ago to develop the artistic department of "A.B.M. FUSIONI D'ARTE", a family run business for over 40 years.

"MonzArt Bronze Benny Line" Management relocated the factory in Thailand to maintain the same quality product at competitive costs.

Some of the artists who have been working with us

- Arnaldo Pomodoro
- Giacomo Manzù
- Salvador Dali
- Lydia Silvestri
- Armand Pierre Fernandez (Arman)
- Aligi Sassu
- Salvatore Fiume
- Miguel Berrocal
- Ermenegildo Zegna
- Pravat Laksyam
- Canete




Our artistic bronze foundry founded in Monza (Milano - Italy) in the 1966 has a longlasting history of success and achivements in the production of the holly bronze art, sculptures for public squares, masterpices of big size for the private sector and public institutions, and also in the furnishing art.

Today, our existing facilities relocated in Thailand comprise of more than 100 employees in a modern 4500 square meters manufacturing plant within approximatly 16000 square meter of expandable production area that garantees meeting any requirement.

All these years of love and dedication to the bronze casting, made of MonzArt Bronze Benny Line one of the most prestigious trade mark worldwide.


Technology Process

Our advanced technology production process uses a combination of antique handcrafted methods combined with modern casting techniques of brass, bronz and aluminium.

High quality castings using "lost wax, shell molding ceramic, shell and sand casting, and die casting.



Patinas are restricted to exposed surfaces and are fragile (that is, they can flake off). One reason bronze is so highly valued in statuary is that its patina protects or passivates it against further corrosion.

The green patina that forms naturally on copper and bronze is known as verdigris and consists of copper carbonate.

One example of a patina is a green surface texture created by slow chemical alteration or copper, producing a basic corbonate. It can form on pure copper objects as well as alloys which contain copper, such as bronze.

The chemical process by which a patina forms is called patination, and a work or art coated by a patina is said to be patinated.

Artists and metalworkers often deliberately add patinas as a part of the original design and decoration of art, or to simulate antiquity in newly-casted bronze sculpture. Patina, the final finish for bronze sculpture is applied after a fianl sandblasting. Patinas are created by applying liquid chemicals to the surface of the bronze after it is heated with a blow torch. The colors can very depending on the reaction to the bronze alloy and the intensity of the heat. Often, many coats are applied until the desired color is obtained. Acrylic washes can also be applied in same manner to obtain colors not available through the chemical process. The sculpting process is complete with the application of several coats of wax or sealer to enrish the color and protect the bronze.



The masterpices you will find in here are a selection of art pieces in part exclusive to MonzArt Bronze Benny Line, and in part reproductions created by orders over the years. Our product line is recognaized for its constant and superior quality that has been maintained over the years by our carefully selected and trained artists, and where quality is the most important priority.

Aside from the collection of products illustrated in our catalogue, we produce special order works based on renderings or photographs commissioned by architects, artists and designers.